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 A poem from my favourite book

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Ruler of the Black Mount

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PostSubject: A poem from my favourite book   Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:00 pm

By devil’s power or magic arts,
Or something worse than either two,
If I just catch her smile, this girl,
I feel the whole world round me whirl!
All this I could endure, if badly,
But one eve the devil had me
To pass a night in Milon’s cabin:
Just at dawn, the moon still shining,
Flames rose in the new-mown field;
From somewhere came the girl, - just think!
Sat by the fire to catch the glow,
Marked in the cabins how all slept,
And then unwound her lovely wreath of hair;
Down fell her tresses to her waist,
She comb’d her locks about her bosom,
With clear voice singing elegy,
Like nightingale in bushy tree:
So mourn’d she her husband’s brother,
Son dear-lov’d of Ban Milonitch -
He who was slain full year ago
By Turks in Duga’s rough ravine.
The Ban would grudge that she should cut such hair,
For more he prized her tresses fair
Than his own son who perished there.
This girl’s laments, they tore my heart;
Her glowing eyes my spirit fired;
Clear as the moonlight shone her brow;
I wept - shed tears just like a child!
How blest is Andriya so to leave the world,
When eyes so glorious thus weep o’er him,
When lips so lovely thus do mourn him.

Of course, not written by me Smile


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PostSubject: Re: A poem from my favourite book   Thu May 12, 2011 10:50 am

Akinyele - Just put it in your mouth

Crystal Johnson]
My baby left me,
left me sad and blue
I didn't know what to do...
without my baby baby baby baby
And then I met his best friend
and he took me to his house
And I said... I said...
(what you said baby) let me tell you what I said

Put it in my mouth
She said put it in her mouth
I said my motherfuckin mouth
I mean her motherfuckin mouth
Put it in my mouth
She said put it in her mouth
My motherfuckin mouth

You wanna go down why not
I be like Herbie and Hand-you-a-Cock
And tell you that my name is Ak'
Get on your kness, make like the breeze begin to
But don't give me no Ralph Lauren grin
If you're not down to go low (deep in my mouth)
I'm all about mouth fuckin
only if you down for dick suckin
if not, B.J. and a beer...keep truckin
and f*ck chapsticks
I'm comin ashy as hell, wit chapped dicks
for your chapped ass lips (down in my mouth)
creamin your teeth like dentists as I'm rubbin them
With an erection like injections, f*ck it I be
druggin them
Numbing up your tonsils, like ambesol anesthetic
Cummin down your throat like chloraseptic (take it
out my mouth)
No time for apologin.. girlfriend if you..
swallowin {gurgle}.. garglin
I'm givin bitches permanent beards
Put your lips here and catch these damn facial hairs
in your mouth

[Crystal Johnson]
Put it in my mouth
Put it in your mouth
I said my motherfuckin mouth
I said your muthafuckin mouth
Or you can just eat me out
Or I can just eat you out
You can eat me out
Yeah, what's that all about?

[Crystal Johnson]
Now you can lick it, you can sip it, you can taste
I'm talkin every drip-drop, don't you waste it
Baby, slurp it up, it's enough to fill your cup
It's finger lickin good, and I'm wishin nigga would
Go down kinda slow or even fast
I'm always sprung once I feel your tongue in the
crack of my ass
Just eatin me-nigga
Goin out like that
boy you pack such a tasty treat
And you can e a t m e o u t
But put it in my mouth
Put it in your mouth
I said your motherfuckin mouth
I said your motherfuckin mouth
And you could just eat me out

what do ya choose to lick >you could eat me out
pu**y or dick? >put it in your mouth
people through out the world >I said your
muthafuckin mouth
man it's your pick >put it in my mouth
what do ya choose to lick >put it in my mouth
pu**y or dick? >I said my muthafuckin mouth
people through out the world >just put it in my
yeah it's your pick >muthafuckin mouth
what do you wanna lick >and you could just eat me
pu**y or dick? >in my mouth
people through out the world >put it in my mouth
its..your..pick..hah >baby-baby in my mouth
its your pick..pick >let me go down
>uhh, uhh
people through out the world >{laughter}
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A poem from my favourite book
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