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PostSubject: RULES OF ROLEPLAY <Please Read>   Thu Sep 17, 2009 4:29 pm

Chapter 1: Main Rules

Please read this entire topic before you post anything in this area. Breaking the rules may lead to receiving a warning, or even a (temporary) suspension of your forum account. All normal Board Rules are still active in this area.

This sub-forum is for interactive Role-Playing. All participants in a Roleplay must read and adhere to these rules. Failure to follow the rules listed here may result in warnings, temporary bans or permanent bans.

1.1 Users must post in a language understandable to all RPers. This means standard English, without containing nudity or racism, even if your character is supposed to hate others!

1.2 In Action Threads, you can only use Game Characters, and you can only control your own character. You can use Non-Player-Characters to chat with. You cannot have them fight for you, only GameMasters decide if a NPC has to fight somebody.

1.3 Thread-starters are considered the GMs and can set limitations for other players. For example, they could set a minimum amount of characters per post. Moderators are allowed to give warnings for violating the Topic starter's rules. Topic starters have to mention the rules in the first post though.

1.4God-Moding is NOT allowed.

1.5 Out of Character lines should be clearly marked as such. For example:

Quote :

(OOC: You should go and kill the traitor)

1.6 When you post, your post should at least contain two 'in character' lines. Use a spelling checker to check your posts too!

1.7a Roleplay Moderators are allowed to change, close or sticky any post in the Roleplay Sub-forum.

1.7b The administrators reserve the right to change these rules at any moment they deem necessary. It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated!

Chapter 2: Terminology

If you are not familiar with roleplaying lingo, use the following definitions to help you:

RP - stands for Roleplay. Any derivative using "RP" in a word would have the same meaning, for example RPer, which means Role-player.

GM - stands for "Game Master". Game Masters are those who either created the roleplay thread or appointed to run it. Whatever the Game Master says, goes, no matter what. Pay careful attention to their guidelines and commands; they have the right to kick you from the thread so listen to them.

OOC - stands for "Out Of Character" and is used when the author of the character says something that is not said for their character. It is usually used in titles of threads of roleplays aside from the action threads, or clearly defined at the beginning or end of a post inside an action thread.

NPC - stands for "Non-Player Character" which are people or entities in threads that are not directly controlled by a player. These characters are usually created by the GM in order to help advance the plot or to be able to control certain aspects of the roleplay world. You may or may not be able to control one, depending on the conditions of the thread.

Char - is an abbreviated form of the word "character". It is sometimes used instead of the whole word for the convenience of the one using the word.

Godmoding - most usually against all roleplay rules. Godmoding is when a character uses skills or power beyond their capability or possible in the reality of the roleplay world. Remember to be as realistic and believable as you can unless otherwise stated (rarely).

Powerplaying - also against roleplay regulations in where a roleplayer controls or describes something about another player's character. This even includes posting things like "*insert character name* took a hammer off of the table" when that character did not in fact post that they took the tool off of the surface of the furniture. Be extremely careful not to post anything about another player's character without their consent because nobody likes others to control their own characters - you wouldn't either.

Metagaming - this is against roleplay rules as well. It is where an in-game character knows information without possibly having the means to receive the information by possible or fair means. This includes having your character know about an event between other characters when your character was not present at the scene or at hearing distance; or by knowing what has been discussed in an OOC thread or comment. Please, even if your character is a genius or "has many sources", don't make your character know absolutely everything that is going on.

Chapter 3: Creating Character Sheets

When creating a character sheet in the designated threads, have an overall general idea of your character aside from the description. Your written description can consist of a simple description of name, age, and gender or very complex with a backstory or history of how your character came to be. There may be a specific Character Sheet example posted by the GM for certain threads, but as a general format, you may use this general format.

General Info
Body Build:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Facial Hair:
Skin Color:

Clothing and Accessories



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